Thursday, January 20, 2011

Last day of the Trip!

Were leaving New York at 6.40pm tonight so we virtually still have a day we can utilize.

We ended up going to Hoboken in New Jersey because the girls watch a show called 'Cake Boss'.  Theyre really taken with it, so we thought we'd go over and see what all the fuss is about.

The shop was so funny.  Decorated in the second generation Italian way.  As soon as we walked in the line was already to the door.  That was ok because it gave us lots of time to figure our what we were going to buy.  And buy we did, we got cannoli, cream puff, red velvet cup cake, brownie, strawberry tart, strawberries dipped in chocolate, and a macaroon.  They had no where to stop and eat so we went and picked up a star bucks and divided the bounty up so everyone got a taste.  It was all really good!

The town of Hoboken was so quaint.  I really loved it, its so close to Manhattan and only takes about 10 minutes over on the train.  Apparently this is where Frank Sinatra was born as well.

After our look around we went back to Manhattan and had our last 'slice of regular' and headed to the airport.

At check in we discovered we were going home with an extra 55kg of luggage. Hmm?  Maybe it was all that shopping.

I can gladly say now, that after 23 hours in transit we have made it back to lovely little Adelaide and are happy to be home.

We hope to catch up with you all soon x


  1. Oh no! You musn't stop blogging now you are home though!