Thursday, January 20, 2011

Last day of the Trip!

Were leaving New York at 6.40pm tonight so we virtually still have a day we can utilize.

We ended up going to Hoboken in New Jersey because the girls watch a show called 'Cake Boss'.  Theyre really taken with it, so we thought we'd go over and see what all the fuss is about.

The shop was so funny.  Decorated in the second generation Italian way.  As soon as we walked in the line was already to the door.  That was ok because it gave us lots of time to figure our what we were going to buy.  And buy we did, we got cannoli, cream puff, red velvet cup cake, brownie, strawberry tart, strawberries dipped in chocolate, and a macaroon.  They had no where to stop and eat so we went and picked up a star bucks and divided the bounty up so everyone got a taste.  It was all really good!

The town of Hoboken was so quaint.  I really loved it, its so close to Manhattan and only takes about 10 minutes over on the train.  Apparently this is where Frank Sinatra was born as well.

After our look around we went back to Manhattan and had our last 'slice of regular' and headed to the airport.

At check in we discovered we were going home with an extra 55kg of luggage. Hmm?  Maybe it was all that shopping.

I can gladly say now, that after 23 hours in transit we have made it back to lovely little Adelaide and are happy to be home.

We hope to catch up with you all soon x

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This is the first day of inclement weather.  Very lucky really since were travelling in the dead of winter.  Its what they call sleet.  Basically its freezing rain on top of snow, so when it hits the ground, it makes a slurry mess.  Makes the day a bit difficult.

Even though weve been travelling in freezing and below zero temperatures its been easier than at home where you just get the rain.  The rain is what stops you from doing what you want and makes a real mess.  With snow it doesn’t really get in the way, you just work with it.

Anyway did a bit more looking around.  Rieley wanted to pick up something from FAO Schwartz, as its her tradition to pick something up from there every time we come here. 

As we were so close, I went and visited the Tiffany’s store on 5th.  It is my favourite as it’s the largest and original.  Four floors of beautiful things.  And yes I did try a couple of rings on but I didn’t tell Adam or he would have tried to buy me one and I think Im spoilt enough!  It always amazes me how good they make jewellery look.  Every piece shimmers and shines and says ‘pick me’ as you walk by the display cases.  BEAUTIFUL!

As Im sitting here in my room overlooking the Hudson river Im realizing just how bad the weather is because I can no longer see the Hudson river?  There is a total gray haze, were up on the 37th floor and usually can see for miles.

Time to start getting ready for the theatre now.  Luckily the venue is on the next block so couldn’t get any easier than that.

Monday, January 17, 2011



Model of temple in Jesus day

Bethel Family Worship room

Massive Laundry

Dining room for 1300 people, all at once


With our tour guide, Tina

We had breakfast overlooking Times Square this morning.  I sat there thinking of all the views Ive had whilst dining on my breakfast . . . .   Im a very lucky girl.

We picked up a car and drove out to Paterson today.  Its nearly a two hour drive out, if you hit traffic, which we did.  The roads here are crazy, so many different freeways and tolls.  On our trip home we paid $13, just in tolls.

We got to Patterson at lunchtime.  Its located on Watchtower drive.  We had a little chuckle at that.  We had to wait till the Bethel family had finished their lunch before we could pick up a tour.  So we had nearly and hour to kill but they have quite a bit to look at.  They had a video on how they acquired the land, which was a very interesting story; we’ll share that with you when we get home.

We had a fantastic sister for our tour guide, she was Greek but didn’t look it, spoke with an American accent and was married to a Brazilian.  Her name was Tina and she met her husband in Bethel and they’ve only been married two years.  She reminded me of Rebecca Macmillan, so I loved her immediately.

My favourite part was learning about Gilead School but there were so many interesting aspects, I really loved it all.  It went for about two hours and we fired questions, non-stop.  It was so interesting.

Anyway it was one of the best days we’ve had so far!  Massive effort but well worth it.

Well we only have a few more days left in New York now, were just going to catch up on all the last minute things we want to do.  Tomorrow night were going to see ‘Chicago’. 

Its so funny Adam wasn’t that fussed about going to see a Broadway show because we have seen a few and there isn’t too many new ones that are taking our fancy but its one things the girls absolutely, definitely want to do.  Like Adam said to me, ‘Teenage kids that want to go to the theatre?  That’s not such a bad thing’

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Today was a day off to a slow start.  We slept in a little as we haven’t been having dinner till about 11pm at night, so your sleeping schedule gets all out of whack.
We headed down to Century 21, which is such a zoo.  I don’t know why we keep going back there?

Then we wandered around the city, hitting a few more shops.  Finally located a Pottery Barn and for all you girls who requested catalogues you’ll be pleased to know I hauled about 3kg of them around the city with me, just for you all.

Came back to the hotel and just chilled here watching movies but had an early dinner at about 9pm as we had a big day tomorrow to prepare for. 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Today was a shopping mission.  We went out to Jersey Gardens Mall which is basically the biggest outlet shopping in the NY/Jersey area.

We caught a bus out from the city and it only took about half and hour.

Another day ending in sore feet!

I kid you not, out of all the bags you see on that king sized bed only four items in those bags are mine.

Adam said to the girls they might as well take advantage of the cheap prices here and stock up and like good little obedient girls, they did . . . .

Friday, January 14, 2011

We were up bright and early today because we were meeting up with Rob.  It was his last day in NY.  He’d already been skiing in Japan and Aspen and it was one of those bizarre moments when we both realized we’d be in the same place at the same time.

After some breakie we went to the Guggenheim museum.  Weve tried to go on a previous trip but it was closed.  This time around they were also doing some work but we were able to access a few floors.  I personally loved this museum.  Having the audio to listen about the history the building, architecture and artwork was the way to go.

We also hit some of the major sights like the flat iron building and the Empire State building.

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Rob as he was off to Spain next.  We really enjoyed seeing a familiar face and enjoyed his great company for the day.

After we said our goodbyes, we headed to Macys for a bit of shopping.

We got back to the hotel with aching feet and settled in for the night.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Up in Bright Lights

Finally got into New York about 5.30, it was another day of delays. 

As we were coming in and could see the skyline it felt the way it did when we started dating.  You know how it is, they come into sight and you get the butterflies in your stomach.  That’s what New York does to me.

We dropped our bags and went out for a bite to eat.  On the way home did a spot of shopping in Times Square.  The retail stores are open to midnight.  Anyway the girls bought something in American Eagle outfitters.  They said to the girls ‘do you wanna get your photo taken and be up in times square?’  Of course the words had hardly passed her lips and the girls were in full pose. 

So I just assumed that they would just stick a Polaroid up in the window or something but  Oh no, they were on a massive billboard to rival all others around them.

Not bad hey, less than a couple of hours in the city and they were already up in bright lights